Fault Lines, Through Line (2021)

“Crepe Myrtle Dancer,” Lynne Scott Constantine and Suzanne Scott Constantine, archival inkjet photo print with ink line drawing, 2020, 20×24” framed

“Fault Lines, Through Line” was a collaborative exhibition featuring a body of 28 wall works inspired by the extraordinary natural environment and complex history of the North Carolina coast, and by the artists’ engagement with the challenges of finding hope and optimism in difficult times.

Lynne and Suzanne have individual art practices, but for the last two decades they also have used their artistic skills in mixed media, digital imagery, video and text synergistically, to co-create wall works, interactive experiences and multimedia performance poetry.

The image shown here, “Crepe Myrtle Dancer,” combines Suzanne’s ink line drawing with Lynne’s macro photography to express their common vision of how humans and nature reflect each other and embody a shared celebration of life.

Works like “Crepe Myrtle Dancer” are intended to stimulate conversation, provoke questions, and encourage us all to look at the everyday with new eyes.

Originally scheduled to be shown at the Duck Town Hall Gallery in 2020 but postponed because of COVID, the show finally was able to open in May 2021. During the opening reception, the artists premiered a brief multimedia performance piece, “Through,” created to accompany the exhibition.

Other Collaborative Works in the Exhibition

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Exhibition Brochures

For each of our exhibitions, we write short brochures talking about our work and our intentions. Download the brochures for Fault Lines, Through Line here:

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Suzanne’s Work

Lynne’s Work