Civil (Union) Disobedience (2000)

On July 1, 2000, Vermont became the third state to legalize civil unions between people of the same gender, and the first state to grant these unions all the rights and privileges of civil marriage. Within days, billboards paid for by national anti-gay rights organizations appeared throughout the state urging Vermonters to “take back Vermont” and reject civil unions.

Having been in a committed relationship for nearly 20 years, Lynne and Suzanne decided to stand with the progressive action of Vermonters by holding an outdoor performance open to the public entitled Civil (Union) Disobedience. The interactive performance contrasted Vermont’s humane and welcoming action to the harsh and punitive stand of their own home state, Virginia. The performance included a legal civil union performed by a local Justice of the Peace. The performance took place in Plainfield, VT on August 19, 2000.